Event: Surveillance for Sale: How China and Russia Export Repression Technology

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Frightening alert to the power these countries wield with surveillance technology. My view is that it is up to us to push back by being more vigilant and careful, assume that we are being watched and act accordingly. The problem is compounded by our ignorance, laziness, and naivete. Encryption is one tool to fight back. Careful use of passwords helps to thwart hacking and surveillance. While there is danger with these technologies, the fact that intrusive surveillance is not easy, especially when countered with good security practice, it is possible to defeat these repressive technologies.

After the event, we met a Russian national who works for Voice of America, Danila Galperovich, who insisted that these technologies are extremely dangerous. In China and Russia, that is no doubt the case. These countries have moved past the point of citizen pushback. Repression goes beyond technology in these countries.  He and Natalia Arno, President, Free Russia Foundation are on the front lines of resistance to repression.



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